Peter Hiddema


A Personal Philosophy

As Founder of Common Outlook Consulting and HumanPace, my most important contribution is to stand in the place where I can be true to myself. Thus, my fundamental task is to repeatedly strip away anything that separates me from my core values, beliefs, and aspirations.

The changes I bring to myself, I bring to others. Many individuals have told me that the Negotiation, Communication, Conflict Management, and ‘Lead a Fulfilling Life’ principles they have learned through my speaking engagements, training courses, high-stakes consulting, and personal coaching, have been life changing. And while it is deeply gratifying to know the acquisition of those ideas and skills is having such a profound effect on their lives, it is perhaps more validating personally to realize those changes are due in part, to a rediscovered ability to ‘stand in a true place’.

Being able to stand in a true place has given me the opportunity to venture out into much of the world, which gives my adventuring spirit great satisfaction. At heart however, I am a family man, and consider myself blessed to have married not only a fellow adventurer, but a person who is an integral part of both teams at Common Outlook and Newco. Hats off to you, Alicia, and to my other incredible and inspiring colleagues.


Peter Hiddema is one of the world’s leading negotiation and conflict management experts. His key focus is on fundamentally transforming the way his clients think about and act on the problems they encounter when dealing with others. Building on his association with the Harvard Negotiation Project, the renowned research centre dedicated to improving how the world resolves its differences, Peter has taught the principles of the methodology in numerous countries on five continents. Using a well thought-out approach, he shows his clients how to establish mutually profitable agreements within a framework of cooperation. In the past two years alone, and dealing with a remarkable range of problems, Peter has advised executives from Global 1000 companies on transactions totaling more than US$2 billion.

In addition to advising and training corporations, business executives, and entrepreneurs in his role as CEO of Common Outlook Consulting, he has worked with the Canadian Government; First Nations groups; U.S. governing bodies; the World Health Organization; and various international NGO’s. As well as being highly adept at working with diverse cultures world-wide, Peter has also taught at prestigious educational institutions including: Queen’s University (Canada and the UK); HEC at L’Université de Montréal; Harvard University; and INSEAD (France and Singapore).

A highly-engaging, entertaining, and compelling keynote speaker, his pithy insights on how to preserve and even improve relationships while establishing ground-breaking agreements, have given countless corporate executives, government leaders, and individuals the opportunity to achieve personal and professional excellence as they successfully drive business performance.



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