Spring Cleaning

Spring Flowers2 Hello All – just a brief note here.

Although it currently doesn’t feel much like spring in many parts of eastern Canada or along large parts of the US eastern seaboard, it IS in fact spring. For many of us, spring is a time to clean things up: not just the yard and gardens, but also inside the house.

I’m writing today to suggest that you also consider doing some spring cleaning in your life.

  • Is there a bad habit you’d like to get rid of?
  • Maybe an outdated or unhelpful belief you could benefit from letting go of?
  • Perhaps a behaviour that really doesn’t suit you?
  • Perchance a relationship that needs some messes sorted out?
  • Possibly even a job that you’re long overdue to leave, in search of something more fulfilling?

I’m doing some of this kind of cleaning in my own life, and I invite you to do the same.

It’s refreshing; kind of like (real) spring weather.


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