The Festive Season is Here!

Christmas Tree OutdoorsDecember 1st!

It’s one of my favourite days of the year.


Because for me, this day feels like the real beginning of the festive season. More specifically, for me it’s the start of the
Christmas season.


I know it’s generally not considered politically correct to say “Christmas” at this time of  year anymore, but that’s what I am celebrating, so that’s what I’m calling it for myself.

Having said the above, I fully understand that it feels kind of wrong to wish someone a Merry Christmas if they don’t observe or celebrate Christmas (in either the secular or religious form).  But “Happy Holidays” doesn’t feel like a great substitute. The phrase feels vague and rather empty to me.  It’s safe – that’s about all I can give it as merit. And when I talk privately with others about this, many of them concur.

So for those of you who are celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas!

And to be more specific for friends celebrating other traditions this month:

  • Happy Hanukkah (Dec 6-14)
  • Happy Kwanzaa (Dec 26-Jan 1)

Last but not least, to all people who find something to appreciate about this time of year, enjoy this magical season!


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